Little Link--Open Source, Self-Hosted Alternative to Linktree

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LittleLink is an open-source, self-hosted alternative to things like Linktree. I’d never heard of Linktree before running across this project and wasn’t that impressed when I did finally look at it. It’s kind of crazy that in 2021 people need to use a separate service to create a personal link list, but whatever. The most interesting thing about LittleLink was the deployment method. Essentially, you fork the project’s Github repository, make modifications, and then deploy it through Vercel, which hosts the HTML, CSS, and images. For example, here’s my LittleLink page: Brian Carnell – LittleLink If I actually intended to use that, I’d probably pipe the HTML, etc., into my web server and then add a redirection to that in WordPress, but that’s a nice option for when that’s not feasible or not necessarily desirable.